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Thank you for visiting our website I thought I would give you a bit of insight on how it all started. I had a minor breast cancer op in 2001 followed by DVT! I became very stressed out what with the DVT and the course of radiotherapy, so to keep me sane l started making handmade cards I have always dabbled in lots of crafts since l was a child and got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

At this time l was working in a local retail store but was still quite stressed so l carried on making the cards on my days off and selling them when l could. I was then asked by a colleague if l made handmade invitations, I said no but gave it some thought and started creating. I made a range of stationery exclusive to me, all hand stamped and very unique. I was selling excess craft stuff on Ebay at the time and decided to try and sell my stationery on there and they started selling pretty well.

The retail store I was working at was being refurbished so had sometime off at this time I had loads of orders coming in for my hand made stationery. I started building up more and more stock plus added other products like eco friendly albums etc. My thoughts then turned to building a website but with the little techy knowledge I had I decided a "site out of a box" could be the best option but was finding it very restrictive.

In 2005 Rob (my hubby)and I decided it would be fun to renew our vows, we had an 28th anniversary coming up the following year and that our exact wedding date fell on a Saturday. Because of refurbishment work we couldn't have our first choice church for our wedding so we thought we would try for the renewal. Well, we got it booked at the first choice church,on a Saturday, at the original wedding time and date it was just perfect! I handmade and personalised all the invitations and favours, made all the flowers and organised everything we had a ball. Our daughter Zoe was our Maid of Honour, our 2 Grandsons Todd and Danny were page boys. By this I had caught the bug big time for making stationery so Wendy's Affordable Weddings was truly born.

In September 2006 my mums heath deteriorated rapidly and ended up on home oxygen, this made it awkward for me to carry on with job, so I handed in my notice and become a carer for my parents as neither of them are in good health. This was when l decided to push on with the business and in February 2008 I decided to build myself a proper website and since then my business has gone from strength to strength.

My life is now divided between my family and my business and l wouldn't have it any other way. I spend my time creating new lines sometimes even making a few greeting cards for people, tending to my parents needs and keeping up with the rest of the family. Oh yes and my 2 rescue cats Maudie (mum) and Stanley (son). I am just so lucky to have a caring understanding supportive husband by my side.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Wendy xx

I have this year (2010) gone through another 2 breast cancer ops with chemo and radiotherapy plus lost my Dad to Cancer in October.

2018 and the website is still going strong, there have been many changes in our lives and the site, we are striving to keep up with the times and make it more user friendly with regards to mobiles/tablets etc. Since the loss of both parents l now attend local craft fairs with my handmade makes so between website work and the fairs my life is keep busy.
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