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The History Of Wedding Favours
Wedding favours are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation from the Bride and Groom on their Wedding Day they are usually given out at the Wedding Reception, and often become a very decorative and beautiful addition to the wedding tables.

The tradition of giving wedding favours goes back many years: it is thought the first wedding favour was the ‘Bomboniere’- a small trinket box made of porcelain or crystal and often decorated with precious stones. These were limited to the European Aristocracy and Upper Classes, and usually contained sugar or confectionery which symbolised wealth and royalty. At the time, sugar was an expensive delicacy which was only affordable by the wealthy (it was also thought to have medicinal qualities), but as it became more widely available to those of lesser means the tradition of giving Bombonieres became more widespread.

Over time, bombonieres were replaced with almonds – given to guests to signify good wishes for the couple’s new life together: 5 almonds to signify Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life. In the 13th Century sugar coated almonds, or Confetti, were introduced, which are still popular today.

These days, the gifts given to Wedding guests are known as Wedding Favours, and the tradition is popular among a wide variety of cultures worldwide. The huge range of options now available means that although many couples may choose the traditional almond favour, those who are looking for more unusual wedding favours are sure to find something suitable. They are also used now for many other occasions like Special anniversaries, birthdays, christenings etc.

My invention the favour/placecard holder provides the versitility of a favour box without having to buy a seperate placecard holder so helps to make your wedding more affordable.

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